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One of the best things about living in London is how many great places you can head to in just a weekend! It's really cheap to travel to many of the major cities in Europe and you can spend the weekend having a totally immersive experience exploring a new city. Sometimes it's hard to choose where I'll go next time because there are so many options. This blog has some examples and advice for how you can plan for your next trip, even if it's just around home instead of abroad. I hope you find this travel blog fun and inspirational!

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If you want a really special honeymoon, you might


3 Reasons to Plan a Romantic Sailing Honeymoon - No Sailing Skills Required

If you want a really special honeymoon, you might be considering alternatives to the usual hotel on the beach. A crewed yacht charter, through a place like Sea of Love, is a wonderful, unique option with all the rest, relaxation, sun and fun you could want. Because the yacht is manned, you won't have to worry about a thing, and can focus on making the most of spending time with your beloved.

A sailing holiday offers novel experiences, like helping to sail the ship, swimming and snorkeling out in the ocean; you can also just relax under the stars, creating a truly memorable honeymoon. You'll have your own private space, and there's no risk of being be bothered by other guests, because there aren't any! Relaxing on your private yacht, you'll feel like you're living in real luxury as you sail around the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, or wherever you choose.

Beautiful surroundings

If you love the sea, then a sailing honeymoon is perfect. You'll be surrounded by idyllic views; whatever location you pick. Exploring hidden islands and quiet beaches, taking in local wildlife, or just enjoying the expansive ocean views will make you feel a million miles away from your everyday life. Yachts are so versatile that there's almost nowhere that's off limits, and your crew will navigate to all the best spots. There will be plenty of photo opportunities, so you can create a beautiful album full of honeymoon memories.

Sightseeing variety

Sailing is the best way to explore many areas, especially the Caribbean, with it's large number of tropical islands. Your experienced crew will make sure you stop off at a different location everyday, and you'll be able to hop on and off for sightseeing as you please. You can check out local restaurants, visit landmarks and attractions, and pick up a great variety of souvenirs. There's no way you'd manage to fit so many locations into a traditional honeymoon. Even though there's loads to do, relaxing on your private yacht at the end of each day will ensure that things don't feel hectic.

Cosy and intimate

Your honeymoon is about celebrating spending the rest of your lives together, and a sailing holiday can really solidify this. You can bond over new activities, like helping to sail the yacht, or trying your hand at different watersports. Most yachts will include equipment for kayaking, snorkeling, or water skiing. Having new adventures together will help you to grow as a couple. At the end of the day, you can relax on deck with a drink and a meal, prepared by your crew. Being alone under the stars will give you plenty of time to really talk, without being disturbed by anyone else, strengthening your intimate connection. Retiring to your cosy, private cabin at the end of the night will be the perfect conclusion to the day.